Summer Lovers EP Released!

Three years have gone by (almost four) since the Summer Lovers journey began. It started with a couple of song sketches, an idea for a concept album, and a few recording sessions in Vancouver...followed by a few years of procrastination, editing, re-recording, re-arranging, re-writing, going back to the original writing, re-writing again, settling with a blend of the two, smoking cigarettes, quitting cigarettes, fixing pronouns, re-recording, and then toiling away some more to finish this puppy off. And after all that, I'm actually super proud of it. It has a vibe. And it captures my songwriting from 4 years ago, even if it's a little cringe-worthy.

So many talented people helped make this EP happen, too many to thank individually, but a few special shout outs....

  • John and Chris who helped jam these songs out
  • Tyler who recorded the first sessions back in August 2013, and the musicians in those sessions who lent their skills and creativity to set a solid foundation for the EP
  • Ben who produced the electric guitar arrangements
  • All my mates who lent an ear and gave feedback, and those that lent their time and talent to play an instrument or twelve, or lend their voices, or help engineer
  • Yanto for recording and mixing and putting up with my never-ending email requests
  • Brenda for her gorgeous artwork
  • All the friends and fans that listen and keeping showing up to gigs. Okay, I mean you, Mum.
  • Producer Steve for not being anywhere on the album

...anyway, who says procrastination isn't an art form. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. D and G. Summer's here, it's just begun. And I am fuckin' dancing, 'cause this stupid EP's done. Those should be the lyrics. Haha

In closing, a few words on creativity...

Bob Ross: "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents". Cheers Bob, cheers.

William Shatner: "I dreamt of success, I would be the best, it hasn't happened yet". I know what you mean, Bill.

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